PocketSurfer is all set to revolutionise the consumer experience. Staying connected means making quicker, better decisions and being more productive. With the PocketSurfer3 you are always connected be it for your personal use, small business or enterprise applications.

Communication : Email, Instant Messaging, social networking sites, blogs and Chat on the PocketSurfer keeps you connected with colleagues, friends and family, where ever you may be.
Commerce: With its award-winning technology PocketSurfer3 allows you to comparison-shop, whilst in-store so you can always be sure that you'll get the best price. If you're the type to forget an inspired gift idea just as quickly as you thought of it then PocketSurfer3 can save you wracking your brains, with high-speed access and a secure connection you can buy that special gift whenever the mood strikes.
Productivity & Connectivity : The PocketSurfer3 delivers more productivity and connectivity to professionals in various fields, such as Estate Agents, Share Traders, Doctors, Sales Professionals, Field Engineers and anybody else that works away from their desk. By opening up access to an enormous array of web-based applications supporting almost every industry the PocketSurfer3 becomes one of the most versatile tools available. Not only does it give access to real time information but by employing online office productivity applications it allows you to work on documents as well as comment on or edit the work of others. For such a small device, the PocketSurfer3 gives you incredible flexibility.
Research: The world wide web has become the ultimate repository of information. Over 100 billion pages of information contain the answer to any question – sometimes many answers to the same question – but always a diversity of opinion and perspective. Students have become reliant on the web for study, and now the PocketSurfer3 allows them to study even on the beach. Take the PocketSurfer3 with you on holiday to instantly look up information about attractions, local history or wildlife when you're out and about.
When visiting a prospect, the ability to research their company, background and competitors, while sitting in the reception is very powerful. With the PocketSurfer3, you'll never be caught off-guard, with access to an infinite amount of content at your fingertips.

Information & Entertainment :   Get your news, weather or sports information as it happens. Follow your favourite team, get up-to-the-minute online information about important games and sports news. The PocketSurfer3 is not only a great source of information, but a gateway to the world of online entertainment, with applications like online betting and fantasy sports, in the palm of your hand. Use your PocketSurfer3 to sharpen your wits at the poker table or manage your own team in the fantasy leagues.

With all of the web at your fingertips you've also got access to local directories wherever you are so you can find a great new restaurant, a sports bar, local movie listings and even a taxi to get you home. Keep your PocketSurfer3 in your bag or jacket when you're out and you'll have the only travel guide you'll even need so you'll never be caught short.

PocketSurfer3 lets you do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.


Mapping: Know where you are, what's around you and get directions to where you need to go – with an in-built GPS module, the PocketSurfer3 provides accurate information of your whereabouts so you can see quickly and easily what's around you. The power of GPS coupled with that of the web gives you unprecedented convenience and the possibility for all manner of location-based services.

PocketSurfer3 can help you get your hands on useful realtime information for local amenities, attractions or points of interest straight from the web. This allows you to perform local searches that are restricted to where you are, giving you telephone numbers, addresses and route information so you can ditch the guides and maps and get on with making the most of your time.

NOTE: Mapping is only available on the PS3, not the PSL model.


Travel: Make hotel reservations, check flight schedules, check ferry times and book taxis all in real-time. The PocketSurfer3 offers the convenience of making travel reservations, checking train schedules and pricing, without being tied to a desk. You can get the latest details on your journey or even book your transport when you're already travelling.

When abroad, use free online translation in order to communicate in over a dozen different languages or just use the web to find your way around, get city maps or public transport details.

  About Datawind

Datawind are the Canadian technology company behind the PocketSurfer3. Our patented compression technology enables it to perform at incredible speeds on networks where others devices would simply grind to a halt.

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