Stylish Brushed Metal Thumb-Keypad
Popular among mobile-phones sold in quantities of tens of millions, this keyboard construction mechanism helps keep the PocketSurfer3 ultra slim.

The PocketSurfer3 large, smooth and comfortable keyboard, incorporates extrusion-grooved rubber to differentiate the keys. With generous tactile response, it makes thumb-typing fast, easy and error-resistant.

The PocketSurfer3 incorporates a robust and dirt resistant metal keypad, to deliver long-term and reliable usage. Precision laser etching of key markings eliminates the worn and faded key-caps of heavily used buttons that is common on competitive products.

It offers one of the fastest text entry mechanism, available in a handheld device. The PocketSurfer3 keyboard is back-illuminated for easy viewing in the dark, and even comes with a separate numeric row, just like a desktop-keyboard.

Comparative key size
The keyboard on the PocketSurfer3 is engineered for the human-thumb, with each major key designed to be thumb-sized.  This reduces errors, and increases typing speed.

Competitive devices try to fit as many as 9-keys in the same size.

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