General Overview: Why PocketSurfer3?

Can I use my PocketSurfer3 outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes, although roaming charges will apply. Please contact Customer Service to activate roaming for your PocketSurfer3 and to check for current roaming prices.
Please click here for a detailed list of all supported countries with applicable charges
How does it work?
The Canadian company DataWind, has developed an acceleration and data compression technology unlike any other, allowing full access to ALL websites through the PocketSurfer3 and its integrated cellular modem. The acceleration technology means that the PocketSurfer3 can deliver a blazingly fast connection even when there is a poor signal using only GPRS technology.
But I can access the Internet on my phone.
Actually, most mobile phones can only access WAP sites which is not the true Internet. Mobile phones also have really small screens and keyboards. Smart phones can access some websites but most won’t be able to do things like shop online, open email attachments, check in to a flight or use online banking. The PocketSurfer3 will allow you to do this and a lot more, it will also download most websites in 5-7 seconds per page unlike the 50-90 seconds your phone will do it in, if it does it at all.
Is it a PDA?
No it is not a PDA. Users can have full access to their online E-mail accounts which can provide much of the functionality of a PDA.
Can I save Favourites?
Yes you can save your favourite websites and hyperlinks for quick access in the future.
Can I get my email? Can I access multiple email accounts on the PocketSurfer3?
Yes. Users can access email either by surfing to their online provider or use the PocketSurfer3’s built in email client which allows access to multiple email accounts. With just one single click you get access to all your emails from up to 10 accounts.
How long does the battery last?
The battery life is 4 hours active usage and 4 days standby usage. The battery takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge on the first charge and 2 hours for a full charge after that. The battery should last for several years if the PocketSurfer3 is properly handled and maintained.
How secure is it?
Very – You can access https:// sites and other secure sites (SSLs, VPNs) and do your day to day banking, trade stocks, access other financial and personal information securely on your PocketSurfer3. The GPRS connection between the device and our servers sends data that can only be interpreted by the device or our servers. Servers are located in highly secured data centers and employ the latest security and encryption technologies.
Why would I want to carry more than one device?
Most people rely on multiple devices to serve their needs for a number of reasons: lifestyle, form factor, complexity, ease of use, and price. The most popular handheld devices are the lightest and smallest. Convergence of multiple functions and applications add volume as well as cost to the device. PocketSurfer3 provides a full web experience quickly, easily and affordably in one small, lightweight unit that compliments your existing handheld devices.
Are there any other devices like this on the market?
No. Nothing compares to its speed and full Web access.
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