General Overview: Why PocketSurfer3?
What do you mean when you say the Real Web?
THE REAL WEB: While you can access the Web wirelessly on other devices, only the PocketSurfer3 allows you to see the Web just like you would on your desktop. Unaltered Web access without crunching content through Web clipping, transcoding or reformatting. It is - the first complete, yet truly mobile, view of the Web. The PocketSurfer3 large screen delivers an experience similar to that of the desktop through a full VGA-width, 640-pixel, TFT active matrix screen, compared to 320 pixels on most PDAs and 120 pixels on most wireless phones.
Will Wireless-Broadband-Access negate the need for PocketSurfer3 Solution?
PocketSurfer3 Technology becomes more valuable with the introduction of next generation higher-bandwidth networks because it will still offer faster Web-access over alternative solutions, and at a lower cost of usage.
How big is it?
Just like the name implies, PocketSurfer3 is small enough to fit into your pocket. Its sleek design measures 6.00 inches by 2.98 inches by 0.60 inches (with case closed).
How fast is it?
DataWind’s patented technologies enable 10X speed improvement over current mobile data networks. Average page downloads time is under 7 seconds, which saves precious time and provides better experience to the user.

How is it powered?

A lithium ion rechargeable battery keeps the device powered through active usage for to 4 hours. An A/C power adapter is included with the device.
Does it have a touch-screen?
The device uses a thumb-keyboard instead of touch screen.
What is the size and quality of the screen?
The colour screen viewing dimensions are 12.5 x 5cms (5 x 2in). The screens are transreflective, which makes the display screen slightly reflective allowing a clearer image even under direct sunlight. The 640x240 VGA colour screen is 2X or 3X bigger than other PDAs and smartphones and gives users the best visual experience.
What type of keyboard does the PocketSurfer3 have?
A full QWERTY, Thumb keyboard, which allows for fast data entry.
What OS (Operating System) does the PocketSurfer3 use?
The Web is the OS for the PocketSurfer3.
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