PocketSurfer3 is backed by a patented data compression / acceleration technology, which allows end-users to experience a faster, richer mobile internet experience by sending less data through standard GPRS mobile data signals to the PocketSurfer3. Sending less data means a faster user experience, while our technology ensures that the user experience remains the same.

The PocketSurfer3 has an in-built GPRS modem and SIM card which will allow it to work anywhere you have a mobile phone signal that (which is in most places around the world). PocketSurfer3 one of the thinnest portable devices in the world, fits easily in a pocket, purse or clips on a belt.
Free Usage
Works everywhere your mobile-phone works, not just at Hotspots. For the average-user, DataWind pays the mobile operator, so you don't have to.
•  You pay nothing else, no separate fees to the network operator.
•  No activation fees & no service charges.
•  Works right out of the box.
If you use up your free usage hours in a month, your PocketSurfer3 will stop you from surfing any more. You will not be charged extra nor will you be permitted to surf any more in that month. You will be offered an opportunity at that point in time to upgrade to an unlimited usage plan for a nominal amount per month. There is no contract or credit check for this plan; however a credit card is required to pay for this plan. This can be done at the moment you hit free usage hours or by calling the customer service line at any time and giving the required information.
Payment Plans For Free Usage:
United Kingdom
   Price Incl. VAT
   2nd Year of services*                                             £39.95
   Extended Use Plans
   Unlimited Usage Plans                                              £5.99
*free usage hours per month for one year.
Is free usage hours/month enough? We are confident that it will be sufficient for most users .Twenty hours per month is almost 3 times the average monthly usage of a mobile phone. For those that need more usage, it is available at only £5.99/month.
  About Datawind

Datawind are the Canadian technology company behind the PocketSurfer3. Our patented compression technology enables it to perform at incredible speeds on networks where others devices would simply grind to a halt.

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