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The PocketSurfer3 is the fastest Mobile Internet Device (MID). We know because we've tested it. PocketSurfer3 is backed by a patented data compression / acceleration technology, which allows end-users to experience a faster, richer mobile internet experience. Our patented technology ensure that web pages  are delivered at high speeds even over slow network connections. This means that you can use the PocketSurfer3 wherever you can use a mobile phone and still get pages in under 7 seconds, there's no need for WiFi access or 3G coverage.

When you request a page using your PocketSurfer3 our powerful servers quickly retrieve that page for you, lay it out, compress it and then deliver it to your hand in the blink of an eye. This means that the PocketSurfer3 works just fine over the ubiquitous GPRS mobile data network, a technology that most other mobile devices struggle to use because of the web's increasing requirement for greater and greater bandwidth. Not only that, but, because the web page is prepared before it's delivered it's already been laid out just right, so your handheld device doesn't sit for a minute or two trying to figure out the best way to display it.

  About Datawind

Datawind are the Canadian technology company behind the PocketSurfer3. Our patented compression technology enables it to perform at incredible speeds on networks where others devices would simply grind to a halt.

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