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PocketSurfer3 is revolutionizing the concept of mobile Internet by offering – FREE USAGE included in the price of the PocketSurfer3 is 30 hours of usage per month free for the first year, more than enough for the average user. DataWind pays the network operator, so you don't have to. This means:

You pay nothing else, no separate fees to the network operator.
No activation fees & no service charges.
Works right out of the box.
How's it free?
Because of the patented data compression technology that drives the PocketSurfer3, it only transfers the absolute minimum of data between your  hand and our servers. Not only does this make your browsing experience blazingly fast, it also helps to keep the cost down. Whilst networks operators are scrambling over themselves to sell the very latest 3G services and contracts to people along with devices that chew up more and more megabytes, the PocketSurfer3 takes advantage of one of the longest standing and best value data services on the mobile phone network, GPRS.
The cost of running a PocketSurfer3 is much lower than a comparable Mobile Internet Devices. So much so, that 30 hours usage a month for the first year is included in the price. To carry on using the  PockerSurfer3 for another year costs less than £30 and if you want to have unlimited usage it's only £5.99 per month. Moreover, you can go completely unlimited for LIFE for a one off fee of £59.99. For the average user the cost is far less than running a home PC!

If you use up your free usage hours in a month, your PocketSurfer3 will stop you from surfing any more. You will not be charged extra nor will you be permitted to surf any more in that month. You will be offered an opportunity at that point in time to upgrade to an unlimited usage plan for a nominal amount per month. There is no contract or credit check for this plan; however a credit card is required to pay for this plan. This can be done at the moment you hit free usage hours or by calling the customer service line at any time and giving the required information.

Payment Plans For Free Usage:
United Kingdom
   Price Incl. VAT                                                                              £199.99
   2nd Year of services*                                             £29.99
   Extended Use Plans                                                                      £5.99
   Unlimited Usage Plans                                             £59.99
*free usage hours per month for one year.
Is free usage hours/month enough? We are confident that it will be sufficient for most users . Thirty hours per month is well over the average monthly usage of a mobile phone.
  About Datawind

Datawind are the Canadian technology company behind the PocketSurfer3. Our patented compression technology enables it to perform at incredible speeds on networks where others devices would simply grind to a halt.

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