The PocketSurfer delivers an exceptional desktop web-experience, maintaining its original HTMLlayout, full graphics (JPEG, GIF, BMP....) and complete functionality (Java, Javascript, active-X controls, frames....). You can open large attachments in Microsoft Office Formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and other standards (e.g. PDF). Unlike the compromised experience offered by mobile phones: small screens, slow speeds and unfamiliar content and high monthly fees, the PocketSurfer3 offers a true full internet access, offering a familiar desktop experience.
PocketSurfer3 delivers the web just as you would expect to see it. It can do this because, under the surface, it's using a web browser just like the one that you use every day. This means that you get the full web experience that you're used to with everything where it should be including the graphics. Its 640x240 TFT Active Matrix Screen let's you email, browse and socialise just at you would on your PC without having to thumb your way through pages of text that don't look anything like the website you remember.

With the PocketSurfer3 you're not using the 'mobile web'. It's just 'the web'.

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